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I want all my clients to feel heard, validated and empowered. I want them to experience how powerful tapping is to overcome such fears as public speaking and how it can help to regulate our nervous system as well as rewire our brain.

I want to share with them this safe tool to use all emotions positively and build resilience. I'm happy to help clients to feel more grounded and relaxed at different stages of life. I believe it's important to help more people to free themselves from limiting beliefs. Get in touch to find out more.


About Me

When I started using tapping in 2008 I found it powerful and helpful even though I felt judged. I trained in 2021 and qualified in 2022. I love empowering clients and help them to fulfill their potential. I enjoy providing a safe and non judgmental atmosphere in which diverse clients can feel safe and accept all of their feelings.

I always look to integrate new treatments and therapies into my practice and believe that continued learning is important for any practitioner. 

Prior to tapping, I trained to be a laughter yoga leader. I led workshops for adults and children bringing joy and laughter in different settings. I use some of the breathing techniques I've learnt in my sessions. In order to learn more relaxation techniques, I trained in Yoga Nidra.

I also studied anthropology and I'm interested in shamanism. I love to embrace all kinds of cultures and people.

I have a very long experience as a French teacher/tutor. Teaching languages has helped me to develop listening/observation skills, holding space and I know how to create tailored made sessions adapted to the client's needs. 

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